Tavis Smiley gives an intriguing insight on his recent visit to or city and offers not only a fresh prespective, but proffers solutions. I am enthusiastically enlightened by his demand “questioning Dan Gilbert’s motive …[sic] for buying downtown Detroit… as he[sic] owns [sic] Lebron James…” This brother continually amazes and challenges the status quo and
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You’ve never heard anything like it, but how does one Great Amerikkkan city go from prominence to despair in a matter of weeks? The answer lies in the gentrification. exploitation and pillaging of Detroit. Once pegged as the bosom of international acclaim, due in part to it’s proximity of it’s southern neighbor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada,
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Alabama State Troopers Attack John Lewis at the Edmund Pettis Bridge - See more at: http://www.blackpast.org/aah/bloody-sunday-selma-alabama-march-7-1965#sthash.YImDkHV1.dpuf

What was the heels of the civil rights movement along with sister Rosa resting her wary feet, brother Malcolm mounting the podium culminated on Selma 50 years ago with Bloody Sunday. A school hood crony mentioned “..I no [sic] nothing about Bloody Sunday until recently”, I too chimed in my ignorance. You see growing up
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david 24MAR2000

The Forgotten Few is a glimpse inside what is now perceived as the new form of slavery being pushed by small Amerikkan jurisdictions after a failed War on Drugs campaign. The Forgotten Few